Devon Spike – Land Fill and Site Grading Camp Facilities Construction Project At Conklin – Devon Energy, Alberta

Road Improvement –125 Street (Range road 221) Upgrade-City Of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

The scope of work includes:
Earthworks and underground drainage/Stripping of topsoil /Stockpiling /Excavation and Backfill/ Construction of compacted embankment/ Construction of roads and pond.

        • Set up horizontal, vertical alignment, super elevation and template to introduce the roads model into TSC3 for slope stake and grading purpose
        • Build digital terrain model for the entire construction site (roads, ponds and pad) to introduce into GPS Machine Control for rough grading
        • PAD layout for rough grading , pond, culverts and underground utility
        • Topographic survey as-built for modeling and volume purpose
        • QA/QC tolerance sheet for the entire job site as-built

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